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“If there ever comes a day where we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll be there forever.” Remembering our friends past and present… I have looked into each and every one’s eyes and into their precious souls. These are the faces of Putnam County Animal Control located in rural County in Palatka, FL. This is where the majority of animal we save come from. A high kill Animal Control. I have had these images for awhile. I couldn’t bare to delete them so, I thought in honor of “Best Friends Day” we can celebrate them today, and everyday in our hearts. Putnam County Animal Control, located at a landfill with no visibility to the public. They have no voice, just cries in hopes that someone will listen. Please like our fb page, share and vote for Their Lives, Our Voices. Click here for the link: **Be the Solution, Spay, Neuter and Adopt!

Treasure Box

The Blaylock family has always adopted adult dogs. Today they get their very first “puppy” or “treasure box” as the little ones would call Oliver. Grandma may have spilled the beans a little on this one, and I wasn’t able to catch their surprised look on their face, but they were surprised. Thank you for letting us be apart of your special moment. Peace. Love. and Adopt!

Lost and FOUND!


Never a dull moment around here at TLOV. While working on the morning duties, a sweet little Pit Bull strolls of the busy and very dangerous road and into the yard.

I hear Edison (Boxer Mix/Bulldog mix) barking as if he sees someone/something at the front of the house. I stop what I’m doing to check it all out, and I see Berry and a stray dog looking at me. She is very friendly and social. Her collar however, was tight and Berry loosened it for her to give her more comfort. She wasn’t covered in fleas as most of the stray dogs around here are. For the most part she seemed somewhat cared for. I glanced at her paws and it appeared as though her nails were freshly cut.

We put a post out on our FB page and with everyone working together to network her and her owner was contacted. The owner claims she had been stolen and had been gone for a month or so ago. Maybe that’s why her nails looked so good. From the look of her nails she may have been walking the concrete streets for a month! Who knows what happened, but at least we know she’s safe and at home at the moment.

Seven: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

IMG_0797 IMG_2907

A solidly build medium sized ball of happiness. Seven has not a single care in the world but to enjoy life. Playing and just hanging out with his buddies male and female, large and small is his enjoyment.

Seven has had a very rough beginning. His young little body was entirely covered in demodex mange along with a secondary infection. To make his situation even worse someone(s) thought it was acceptable to throw his tiny body out of a moving vehicle. Witnesses saw him being tossed out like trash and brought him unfortunately, to a high kill facility. An Animal Control facility located in a very rual county. His fate would not favor well.

That was the past, a past he has long forgotten and judging by his attitude, he has forgiven.

Seven is a 1.5 year old male and behaves as if he is just happy to be alive. He holds no grudge or anger to what has happen in his past. He loves everyone, children young and older, and canines male or female. Hoping to find someone who sees past his breed and into his amazing soul. Seven is a wonderful young canine and would make an excellent and loyal family member and companion.MVI_0802